Got a whole lot of … chrome

IMG_8450.JPGIMG_8442.JPGHad a 4-ton skip over the weekend to clear the garage.


My other Harley


2005 V-Rod VRSCSE (Customs Vehicle Options) Harley Davidson. This is a GREAT fun bike to ride on the twisty roads around the Lake District.

News for 2018


Happy New Year.

We’ve a number of projects launching in 2018

The new book “Applied Crowd Science” (currently in draft)

Our website launches – with an MSc demo area (VLE – Virtual Learning Environment).

Our eLearning site ( goes live in January

We’ve a number of courses and workshops in 2018 (

Our conference “Crowd Science at Manchester Metropolitan University (CS@MMU) is 13th Sept

Our first cohort on the MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis graduates.

Drop me a line if you’d like any further information on the above.


Paper published in “Medicine, Science and Law”

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 05.46.37.png

Scientific paper published in “Medicine, Science and the Law” April 2017

Acute forces required for fatal compression asphyxia: A biomechanical model and historical comparisons

Mark W Kroll, G Keith Still, Tom S Neuman, Michael A Graham and Lanny V Griffin


A biomechanical ribcage model predicts that an adult male requires at least 2550 +/- 250 N (260 +/- 26 kg) of static chest mass to cause flail chest. This is consistent with the records of judicial pressing. The model predicts that an adult male requires 4050 +/- 320 N of dynamic force to cause flail chest.

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