End of Unit 2 MSc

Unit 2 – focussing on event modelling, crowd safety, risk analysis and different types of environments (transport, streets, CBD’s) now complete and all the lectures delivered.

A lot of hard work from the students at MMU who are now busy writing their end of term papers.



MMU in the News (Denver Post)

Articles in the Denver Metro Post-Telegraph about our work at MMU.





Unit 2 – Week 9

Wow. It’s week 9 of the second Unit of the MSc course (Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis).

That’s a total of 21 weeks (so far) of lectures recorded on the topic of crowd modelling, monitoring and management. We’ve covered the DIM-ICE crowd risk model in depth. The RAMP Analysis (with examples), Risk and Congestion Mapping, Queueing Theory. Behavioural based safety, pressure, resonance, shockwaves, front of stage barrier design, crowd simulations, street events, high risk events, Olympic Events, Events in Central Business Districts, emergency planning and many more topics in the last 6 month.

If you are interested in the next course – it starts Sept 2016 – drop me a line.


Amazing time in Dubai

Just back from Dubai, great delegates, some excellent work and a lot of useful client materials and future opportunities. I ran three x 3-day courses “Introduction to Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis” for 100 delegates on the client site.

I ran three x 3-day courses “Introduction to Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis” for 100+ delegates on the clients site.

Already making plans for a return visit and future work in the UAE. Very exciting times ahead.

2 more courses in Dubai

Just heading to Dubai to run two more courses on “Introduction to Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis”. Another exciting 10 days teaching 60+ delegates on the principles and applications of crowd dynamics and crowd safety in the built and complex environment.

Next MSc intake is Sept 2016 – email me if you are interested in the course.


MSc – next course starts Sept 2016


If you are interested in a MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University why not try the short course, Introduction to Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis? We run short courses around the world and there is an on-line (eLearning) version.




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MSc – eLearning

We are now into the second week of the second Unit of the MSc. Developing eLearning systems is challenging and intensive, but the experience is extremely rewarding. The students all seem to be engaged and interacting with the systems.

The next graduate intake is Sept 2016. If you are interested in applying for the MSc programme (100% on-line) just send ane email to GKStill@me.com and we will discuss the options with you.